Volume 29


ICH Courier Volume29 Theme : 전통선박 건조기술 Traditional craft skills and ingenuity have always been influenced by the environmental resources available to a given community. In this issue of the ICH Courier, we explore how traditional craftspeople in Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and the Solomon Islands developed their own unique shipbuilding

Volume 28


ICH Courier Volume28 Theme : 무형문화유산과 성스러운 문화공간 Many manifestations of intangible cultural heritage have special relationships with the environments in which they are practiced. In this issue of the ICH Courier, we look at some of these elements and their associated sacred cultural spaces. Through the following pages, we will

Volume 27


ICH Courier Volume27 Theme : 상서로운 날의 특별한 음식 In this issue of the ICH Courier, we feature examples of traditional culture represented in food as it relates to ICH and auspicious life events. Through the following pages, you can explore the unique food connected to special life events in Bhutan,

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