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ICH Courier


Theme :
ICH and Makeup

Windows to ICH provides an introduction to examples of intangible cultural heritage practices throughout the Asia-Pacific region in relation to specific themes presented in the issue. This issue takes a look at makeup represented in living heritage. In these examples from China, India, Papua New Guinea, and Viet Nam, you can see the various forms of makeup in traditional performances as well as their intrinsic relationship within each community.

Expert Remarks

Women Weaving Traditions into Samoan Life

Field Report

Gangneung Danoje Festival, Ancient Events Revitalising Downtown

Windows to ICH


Beijing Opera, Embodying Harmonious Beauty of Chinese Tradition


Teyyam, Powerful Manifestations of Gods in Nature

Papua New Guinea

Huli Warriors’ Yellow Faces Sacrifice Fear


Colored Faces in Vietnamese Opera

Inventory-Making Efforts

Creating Laws and Documenting Uzbek Traditions

Safeguarding Pioneers

Tiapapata Art Centre, Promoting a Samoan Legacy