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ICH Courier


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ICH and Shaman Heritage

Windows to ICH provides an introduction to examples of intangible cultural heritage practices throughout the Asia-Pacific region in relation to specific themes presented in the issues. This issue takes a look at shamanism represented in living heritage. In these examples from Nepal, Mongolia, Myanmar, and the Republic of Korea, you can see various forms of shamanism as well as the ways in which communities interact with them

Expert Remarks

Cultural Heritage as a Human Right

Field Report

We’ve Made it and Made it in Style—The Eleventh Festival of Pacific Arts in the Solomon Islands

Windows to ICH


The Jhankri Tradition: A Living Heritage of Nepal


Traditions of Nature Worship: Boo and Udgan

Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Basic Nature Worship of Indigenous Shamanism

Republic of Korea

Shamanism, the Distinctive Cultural Heritage of Korea

Inventory-Making Efforts

Kazakhstan on the Road to Safeguarding ICH: Initial Steps in Inventory Making

Safeguarding Pioneers

Indonesian National Puppetry Secretariat (SENA WANGI)