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Traditional Children’s Games

Windows to ICH provides an introduction to examples of intangible cultural heritage practices throughout the Asia-Pacific region in relation to specific themes presented in the issue. This issue takes a look at the unique customs and cultures represented in traditional children’s games. In these examples from Nepal, Uzbekistan, the Republic of Korea, and Papua New Guinea, you can explore the games that are played by children around the Asia-Pacific region and gain a better understanding into how children develop their social skills and learn customs by playing traditional games.

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Windows to ICH


Bear-Chasing Game and Gourd-Plucking Game in Magar Community


Chillak Game: To Tip the Tip-Cat into the Air

Republic of Korea

Yutnori, International Sensation from Ancient Tradition

Papua New Guinea

Learning Social Roles while Playing Traditional Games

Inventory-Making Efforts

Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory-Making Efforts in Sri Lanka

Safeguarding Pioneers

Using Cultural Heritage to Confront Tomorrow’s Challenges