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Theme :
Traditional Mask Dances

Windows to ICH provides an introduction to examples of intangible cultural heritage practices throughout the Asia-Pacific region in relation to specific themes presented in each issue. This issue takes a look at the rich traditional culture represented in mask dances. In these examples from the Republic of Korea, Bhutan, Vanuatu, Tajikistan, and Thailand, you can explore the unique performing arts practiced around the Asia-Pacific region.

Expert Remarks

Strengthening NGO Networking in the Field of ICH

Field Report

World Culture Forum “The Power of Culture in Development”

Windows to ICH

Republic of Korea

Cheoyongmu: Dancing to the Propitious Cycles of Nature


Drametse Ngacham: The Sacred Mask Dance


Rom and Ole: A North Ambrym Mystical Custom Dance


Sherbozy: The Lion Dance among Tajiks


Khon: Thai Mask Play

Inventory-Making Efforts

ICH Inventorying Efforts and Practices in India

Safeguarding Pioneers

International Mask Arts & Culture Organization (IMACO)