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ICH Courier


Theme :
Traditional Tug-of-War Game

Windows to ICH provides an introduction to examples of intangible cultural heritage practices throughout the Asia-Pacific region in relation to specific themes presented in each issue. This issue takes a look at the rich culture represented in traditional tug-of-war games. In these examples from Vietnam, Cambodia, the Republic of Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand, you can explore the interesting traditional games practiced around the Asia-Pacific region.

Expert Remarks

Notes on the Genealogy of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Field Report

Use of Formal and Non-Formal Education in ICH Safeguarding

Windows to ICH


Kéo Co, Vietnamese Tug-of-War


Significance of Teanh Prot, Cambodian Tug-of-War

Republic of Korea

Variety and Meaning in Juldarigi, Korean Tug-of-War

the Philippines

Punnuk, the Tugging Ritual in Hungduan, Closing an Agricultural Cycle


Chak-ka-yer, Traditional Tug-of-War Game