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Wedding Ceremonies

Windows to ICH provides an introduction to examples of intangible cultural heritage practice from countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region related to a chosen theme. This issue looks at wedding traditions and customs. In these examples of intangible cultural heritage from the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Vanuatu, and Uzbekistan, you can explore the unique wedding traditions around the Asia-Pacific region.

Expert Remarks

Gender Equality and ICH under UNESCO’s 2003 Convention

Field Report

Post Disaster Needs Assessment of Vanuatu ICH Following Tropical Cyclone Pam

Windows to ICH


Wedding Culture as a Traditional Ritual


Buddhist Elements in Thai Wedding Ceremonies


Traditional Marriage Practice in Pentecost Island

Republic of Korea

Wedding Ceremonies of the Ferghana Valley

Inventory-Making Efforts

Inventory-Making Efforts in the Philippines

Safeguarding Pioneers

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