Project Description

ICH Courier


Theme :
Auspicious Events and Special Food

In this issue of the ICH Courier, we feature examples of traditional culture represented in food as it relates to ICH and auspicious life events. Through the following pages, you can explore the unique food connected to special life events in Bhutan, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, and the Republic of Korea.

Expert Remarks

Linkages between ICH Safeguarding and the SDGs: UNESCO’s Action

Field Report

Can ICH Safeguarding Contribute to the New 2030 SDGs? A Case Study from West Bengal, India

Windows to ICH


Puta, a Tshok Offering of Buckwheat Noodles

Republic of Korea

Royal Banquets and Food of the Joseon Dynasty

the Philippines

The Beauty, Warmth, and Hospitality of Pagana


Ritual Culture and Palov Ceremony

Safeguarding Activities

Safeguarding Dong Ho Woodblock Printing in Vietnam

ICH Communities

Safeguarding Traditional Navigation Knowledge of Carolinian Palu Today

Safeguarding Pioneers

Aigine Cultural Research Center, Kyrgyzstan