Project Description

ICH Courier


Theme :
Traditional Shipbuilding Techniques

Traditional craft skills and ingenuity have always been influenced by the environmental resources available to a given community. In this issue of the ICH Courier,
we explore how traditional craftspeople in Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and the Solomon Islands developed their own unique shipbuilding skills and designs by using the resources available to them.

Expert Remarks

The Role of the Media in Raising Awareness about ICH

Field Report

ICH Transmission through Social Media: The Mevlevi Sema

Windows to ICH


Pinisi: The Art of Indonesian Shipbuilding


Japanese Shipbuilding Skills and Traditions

Solomon Is.

Pepena Vaka o Lata: Building Our Ancestral Voyaging Canoe

the Philippines

Lepa: The Sea as Home

Safeguarding Activities

Folkland Initiatives for Safeguarding Tolpavakoothu Traditions

ICH Communities

A Community Safeguarding Its Living Heritage, Lkhon Khol

Safeguarding Pioneers

Safeguarding the Cultural Heritage of George Town