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Royal Court Dances

Dance, a sequence of movements to express the emotive human spirit and to symbolize actions and stories of a people, is deeply embedded in cultures around the world. In the Asia-Pacific region, one genre of dance that has been revered and honored is the royal court dance. Taking many forms, the choreography and music of court dances have deep roots in many cultures.
In this issue of the ICH Courier, we will explore the unique heritage of royal court dance found in Bhutan, Indonesia, Iran, and the Republic of Korea.

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On Intangible Cultural Heritage and Creativity

Field Report

Cooperation for Sustainable Development

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Royal Court Dances of Bhutan


Royal Court Dances of Iran Throughout History: Flourished, Transformed, and Exiled

Republic of Korea

Jeongjae Dances of the Korean Royal Court


Existence of the Art of Dance in Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat, Central Java, Indonesia

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Cultural Mapping, a Safeguarding Methodology for iTaukei Intangible Cultural Heritage

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Community Building through ICH, the Gandharba Community

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Cambodian Living Arts’ Heritage Hub: Continuity and Accessibility