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Theme :
Traditional Gardening and Landscapes

Traditional gardening techniques are at the roots of a community’s well-being, both physiologically and culturally. Cultivating a relationship with nature and having a traditional understanding of how a landscape works allows communities to grow the food they need. At the same time, as communities and family units work the land, they forge close ties with each other and nature. In this volume, we look at traditional gardening and landscapes in the Asia-Pacific region and examine how gardening and landscape management helped to grow communities in China, Thailand, Tajikistan, and Sri Lanka.

Expert Remarks

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Field Report

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Don Puta: Landscape Management in Northeastern Thailand


The Old Summer Palace and the Spiritual World in the Imperial Gardens


Traditional Gardening Knowledge and Skills among Tajik People

Sri Lanka

Traditional Homegarden Agroecosystems in Sri Lanka

Safeguarding Activities

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ICH Communities

The Magic Weaver of Killimangalam

Safeguarding Pioneers

Mataginifale Women’s Group: Safeguarding Cultural Heritage in Niue