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Lacquerware Arts

Many communities throughout the Asia-Pacific region have lacquerware art traditions that are specific to their own cultures and environmental contexts. In this volume, we look into the unique lacquerware craftsmanship of some communities in Vietnam, Uzbekistan, the Republic of Korea, and the Maldives.

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Universities and Safeguarding Intangible Heritage

Field Report

Mainstreaming Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Programs of the USTGS-CCCPET

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Traditional Lacquerware Villages of Vietnam


The Art of Lacquer Miniature in Uzbekistan

Republic of Korea

Otchil, Lacquerware Crafts of Korea


Liyelaa Jehun Crafts of Maldives

Safeguarding Activities

Gauging Musical Vitality and Implications for Safeguarding: The Case of Cambodian Chapei

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Yohor, Part of a Collective Past, Present, and Future of the Buryat

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