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ICH Courier


Theme :
Wandering Minstrels and Songs of Blessing

A community’s oral traditions in song and poetry are expressions of that community’s history and heritage. Performed during auspicious occasions and important community events, these traditions help with understanding a community’s cultural identity. In this volume of the ICH Courier, we explore the lyrical traditions of communities in China, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, and Bangladesh as a way of better understanding the significance of their traditions in the context of how
they were developed.

Expert Remarks

Climbing the Priority Ladder: Education and ICH

Field Report

Transmitting ICH in the Context of Informal, Non-Formal, and Formal Education

Windows to ICH


Verbal Dueling and Epic Performance among Nuosu Communities

the Philippines

Darangen, The Maranao Epic




The Baul: Their Philosophy and Music

Safeguarding Activities

Reality, Creation, Cooperation, and High Quality

ICH Communitites

Strings of Revival

Safeguarding Pioneers

Integrating ICH into Museum Work at the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre, Luang Prabang, Laos