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Theme :
ICH and City Festivals

Cities that have experienced growth since the Industrial Revolution have inherited traditional festivals and created new festivals reflecting the new urban cultures.
City festivals help build a sense of belonging to a community, which reinforces group cohesiveness and attracts tourist. In this volume, we examine city festivals in Kyrgyzstan, New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand to better understand the relationship among the festivals, the communities, and the cities.

Expert Remarks

ICH and Regeneration

Field Report

Intangible Cultural Heritage and Urban Regeneration—the Case of Jeonju City, Korea

Windows to ICH


Paveni Pi Mai Muang—New Year Festival of Chiang Mai


Oimo, International Festival in Kyrgyzstan for Traditional Crafts and Culture


A Procession through the City: Festival of Thaipusam in Singapore

New zealand

ASB Polyfest

Safeguarding Activities

Dhamrai Metal Crafts—the Saga of a Rich Cultural Heritage

ICH Communities

Thundukuna Community or Mat Weaving Artisans in Maldives

Safeguarding Pioneers

Yap State Historic Preservation Office of Micronesia