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ICH and Water Management

Water is essential for life, and in traditional thought around the world, it has long been considered one of the main life-force elements. Given water’s importance, it
isn’t surprising that it has a prominent role in traditional heritage practices. In terms of rituals, worship, and practicality, water is of vital importance . In this volume we look at various water traditions and management systems of the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on India, the Republic of Korea, Iran, and Kazakhstan.

Expert Remarks

Climate Change and Its Impact on the Culture of the Remote Outer Islands

Field Report

The Lapat System, an Indigenous Resource System in Abra, Philippines

Windows to ICH


Traditional Water Systems and Cultural Practices in India

Republic of Korea

Water Management Traditions and Practices of Communities


Overview of the Iranian Qanat Water System


Blood Must Encounter Water: Tasattyq Sacrifice Ritual in Syr Darya Delta and Sustainable Water Management

Safeguarding Activities

Gold and Silk: A Long-Term Commitment to the Protection of Afghan Intangible Heritage and its Communities

ICH Communities

Ban Narasilp: Descendants of Khon Costume Traditions

Safeguarding Pioneers

The China National Silk Museum Contributing to ICH Safeguarding