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Funeral Ceremonies and New Beginnings

Regardless of culture, religion, or world view, one universality of life is death. The ways in which various cultures and communities mourn or celebrate the soul shuffling off this mortal coil could not be more different, whehter it be in the form of a new beginning for the deceased or a new life for those who remain. However, the different rituals help the living cope with their losses. In this volume of the ICH Courier, we will look at the funeral ceremonies of communities in Mongolia, Nepal, Fiji, and Indonesia.

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Field Report

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Windows to ICH


Traditional Funeral Rituals of Mongols


Cremation Ceremony, Returning Borrowed Elements to Nature


Changing Expressions of Grieving in Indigenous Fijian Funerals


Death: Funeral as a Departure to a New Beginning

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Study of the Korean National Intangible Heritage Center

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Manipuri Theatre in Bangladesh—In a Quest for Identity

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