Project Description

ICH Courier


Theme :
Intangible Heritage and Birthing Traditions

A new life enters a community, and to celebrate and commemorate the new arrival to the community, many groups have developed rituals and ceremonies. These activities include rituals to help the mother heal from the delivery and to welcome the child into the world. In this volume of the ICH Courier, we will look at birthing traditions of communities in the Republic of Korea, India, the Philippines, and Palau.

Expert Remarks

Glance into The ICH & Museums Project: Where Museums and ICH Meet

Field Report

Archives in Motion: Intangible Heritage and Embodied Exhibitions

Windows to ICH

Republic of Korea

Taegyo, Korean Prenatal Education Culture and Its Sustainable Value

the Philippines

Rites of Motherhood: Filipino Folk Practices and Herbal Medicine


Childbirth in India and the Associated Food and Song Culture


Palauan Birthing Rituals

Safeguarding Activities

Storytelling & Transforming Education in the Pacific Islands

ICH Communities

Community Dining Rooms: Hawker Culture in Singapore

Safeguarding Pioneers

Bakhshi Art Festival to Revive Silk Road Culture