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Block Printing on Textiles

Block printing is a representative handicraft, one of the oldest methods in the history of pattern dyeing for mass production. The block printing patterns reflect the culture of each country, and the carving craft for making blocks is also a highly valued intangible cultural heritage itself. While block printing has flourished for a long time, in some countries, this heritage has almost disappeared. However, we can see the efforts to revive this traditional craft skill through educational
institutions. In this volume, we will look at block printings of India, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, and Tonga. We also can see the prosperity, decline, and revival efforts of this specific topic through the articles.

Expert Remarks

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Field Report

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Windows to ICH

the Philippines

Block Printing in the Philippines


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Textile Block Printing of Uzbekistan


Block Printing in India

Safeguarding Activities

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Safeguarding Activities

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