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Oral Tradition of The Asia-Pacific Communities

Oral tradition consists of diverse narratives. It is passed on by word of mouth as everyday wisdom and transmitted through the generations. After that, it becomes infused in a region’s history, philosophy, and way of life, thus forming the foundation for a community’s knowledge systems. This volume introduces traditional tales in Sri Lanka, Palau, Kyrgyzstan, and Vietnam.

Expert Remarks

Oral Tradition Its Status and Prospects in the Digital Platform Era

Field Report

The Healing Power of Peganum harmala

Windows to ICH

Sri Lanka

Amal Biso (Bird Girl) A Folktale from North Western Province, Sri Lanka


Ollachitnger Stories with Moral Lessons from Palau


Masterpieces of Oral Tradition and Expression Kyrgyz Epic Heritage


Saint Giong (Thánh Gióng) The Legend-Based Practice of Vietnamese Culture

Safeguarding Activities

New Communications, New Communities: Unfailing Oral Heritage

ICH Communities

Understanding Mata ni Pachhedi Paintings from the Chitara Community

Safeguarding Pioneers

Avicenna Public Foundation Preservation and Promotion of the Traditional Knowledge of Abu Ali Ibn Sina