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Theme :
Traditional Knowledge to Lead a Healthy Life

Communities have their own traditional knowledge to lead a healthy life. This is continuously developed to reflect traditional value systems and regional and historical characteristics passed down through generations.
This volume introduces traditional ways to lead a healthy life in India, Thailand, China, and East Timor.

Expert Remarks

An Ecological Turn in the Post-COVID-19 Era and the Future of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Field Report

Ethnobotany of Malaysia

Windows to ICH


The Healing Art of Yoga


Nuad Thai Ancient Health Care Act of Thailand


Lum Medicinal Bathing of Sowa Rigpa Healthcare in Tibetan Medicine of China

East Timor

The Role of Papaya Plants as Traditional Medicine in Timor-Leste

Safeguarding Activities

Safeguarding ICH in Korea under COVID-19

ICH Communities

Protecting Cultural Intellectual Property Rights: The Oma in Lao PDR

Safeguarding Pioneers

Håya Foundation; ‘Guma Yo’amte: Restoring Faith in Native Healing’