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ICH Courier


Theme :
ICH and Sacred Cultural Spaces

Many manifestations of intangible cultural heritage have special relationships with the environments in which they are practiced. In this issue of the ICH Courier, we look at some of these elements and their associated sacred cultural spaces. Through the following pages, we will explore the cultural elements connected to sacred spaces in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and the Cook Islands.

Expert Remarks

Why Safeguarding ICH Needs Codes of Ethics

Field Report

Integrating ICH in Post-Disaster Needs Assessments: A Case Study of Navala Village

Windows to ICH

Cook Islands

Avana, the Passage of Traditional Navigators


From Sacred to Truth


Va Temple and the Veneration of the Tan Vien Mountain God


Sacred Cultural Spaces of Bangladesh

Safeguarding Activities

Grandma Storytellers Transmit Culture to Future Generations

ICH Communities

The Koryo Saram Dance Troupes of Uzbekistan

Safeguarding Pioneers

ICH NGOs in South Asia