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Theme :
Traditional Performing Art to Greet the New Year

Communities in the Asia-Pacific region greet the New Year at different times depending on region and religion. Communities celebrate a new beginning with traditional songs and dances. This volume introduces traditional performing arts to celebrate the beginning of the New Year in Japan, Nepal, Micronesia, and Myanmar.

Expert Remarks

The Pangalay or Igal, Ancient Dance Tradition of the Philippines

Field Report

Promoting Martial Arts, Safeguarding ICH

Windows to ICH


The Kirin Lion Dance Bringing Peace and Happiness


Nhū dãyā Bhintunā! Greetings of the New Year!

Federated States of Micronesia

Colorful Dancers of Yap


Nat Kadaw A Pyodaw Yein Traditional Group Dance of Myanmar

Safeguarding Activities

Pulaka A Staple Food of the People of Tuvalu

ICH Communities

Togyzkumalaq Traditional Kazakh Board Game and Its Educational Potential

Safeguarding Pioneers

Dalian Maritime University Safeguarding China’s Navigation Culture