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ICH Courier


Theme :
Wisdom to Overcome Disasters

Recently, in early September, Hurricane Ida struck the Caribbean, and the Southern and Northeastern states of the U.S. caused catastrophic flooding, even the death of the people. Even Australian Bushfires, Cyclone Amphan hit Bangladesh and India, Volcano eruption in the Philippines in 2020 scratched the people all over the world. Mother nature makes human beings humble; however, we get the power from nature to overcome hardships at the same time. This volume mainly
introduces traditional knowledge and oral traditions by focusing on who, what, and how with the Pacific Islands, Japan, India, and Thailand cases.

Expert Remarks

The Role of Museums in Sharing Traditional Knowledge During COVID-19: Case Study of Fiji

Field Report

Safeguarding ICH in the Face of Natural Disaster: The Healing Power of Culture

Windows to ICH

Pacific Islands

“Natural” Disasters and Intangible Cultural Heritage


How Does Intangible Cultural Heritage Contribute to Disaster Mitigation?


Living Heritages of Sundarbans— Coping with Natural Disasters


Thai Sea Gypsy Communities Sixteen Years On from the 2004 Tsunami

Safeguarding Activities

Digital Curation and Access to Recordings of Traditional Cultural Performance

ICH Communities

A Testimony of the Sardar Weavers

Safeguarding Pioneers

AlunAlun Dance Circle: 22 Years of Pangalay Praxis