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Twinkle Twinkle

The word “jewelry” brings to mind something shiny or glamourous that makes people more beautiful. Jewelry can take the form of a pretty-looking hairband in a high-street shop, rings that a couple exchange as a symbol of their promise to each other, or an item that helps people stand out in smart clothes. Beyond aesthetic functions, jewelry can also have shamanistic meanings, such as the seashell masks of ancient times. This section introduces various meanings through ornaments from the Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan, India, and Fiji.

Expert Remarks

The Role of Youth in Safeguarding ICH: Case Study from Lao PDR

Field Report

Our Story, Our Heritage

Windows to ICH


The Journey Towards Knotted Accessories


Kazakh Jewelry:Continuity of Nomadic Traditions


Forging the Jewel in the Crown: India’s Jewelry Making Traditions


Ukuuku Tokari Kei Viti:Jewels of Fiji

Safeguarding Activities

People Who Love Their Land:Methods of Protecting the Environment of Konduk Village

ICH Communities

Making and Worshipping of a Haatdi

Safeguarding Pioneers

Gijisi Juldarigi Museum and the Culture-Full Box of Tugging Rituals and Games