Project Description

ICH Courier


Theme :
ICH Space as a Workshop, Home for ICH

There are two connected proverbs: “space makes people” and “people make space.” The same is true of ICH and ICH space as workshop. In order for ICH to reveal itself, an ICH space as a workshop is necessary; conversely, for the space to be imbued with meaning, it needs ICH to run through it, just like a needle and thread. Let’s take a look at the stories of elements of ICH and ICH space as a workshop from Nepal, the Republic of Korea, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam.

Expert Remarks

Intangible Cultural Heritage and Soft Power — Context Matters!

Field Report

Cultures in a Cosmopolitan City: Challenges, Changes, and Continuity

Windows to ICH

Republic of Korea

A Sanctuary of Flow and Transmission


Safeguarding ICH at Viharas in Nepal during the month of Gunla


The Impact of Tais in Timor-Leste: Culture with Unlimited Space


Safeguarding Imperial Worship Practice at the Tuy Ly Residence

Safeguarding Activities

Safeguarding Traditional ICH Spaces as Workshops

ICH Communities

Living in Harmony with Nature: Safeguarding Centuries — Old Techniques

Safeguarding Pioneers

Bringing the Stories of Vietnam to the World