Volume 33


ICH Courier Volume33 Theme : Village Guardian Rituals and Communities As part of community traditions throughout the Asia-Pacific region, rituals and beliefs related to communal deities make up an essential part of understanding the world. These beliefs are routed the unique agricultural or sociological atmosphere in which they develop. In this

Volume 32


ICH Courier Volume32 Theme : Lacquerware Arts Many communities throughout the Asia-Pacific region have lacquerware art traditions that are specific to their own cultures and environmental contexts. In this volume, we look into the unique lacquerware craftsmanship of some communities in Vietnam, Uzbekistan, the Republic of Korea, and the Maldives. PDF

Volume 31


ICH Courier Volume31 Theme : Traditional Gardening and Landscapes Traditional gardening techniques are at the roots of a community’s well-being, both physiologically and culturally. Cultivating a relationship with nature and having a traditional understanding of how a landscape works allows communities to grow the food they need. At the same time,

Volume 30


ICH Courier Volume30 Theme : Royal Court Dances Dance, a sequence of movements to express the emotive human spirit and to symbolize actions and stories of a people, is deeply embedded in cultures around the world. In the Asia-Pacific region, one genre of dance that has been revered and honored is

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