Volume 37


ICH Courier Volume37 Theme : ICH and Water Management Water is essential for life, and in traditional thought around the world, it has long been considered one of the main life-force elements. Given water’s importance, it isn’t surprising that it has a prominent role in traditional heritage practices. In terms of

Volume 36


ICH Courier Volume36 Theme : Traditional Embroidery Traditional embroidery in many ways weaves itself into people’s lives in various cultures, telling their cultural and historical story. The symbols and motifs are part of greater cultural significance and relevance through which we can obtain a better understanding of the people’s history and

Volume 35


ICH Courier Volume35 Theme : ICH and City Festivals Cities that have experienced growth since the Industrial Revolution have inherited traditional festivals and created new festivals reflecting the new urban cultures. City festivals help build a sense of belonging to a community, which reinforces group cohesiveness and attracts tourist. In this

Volume 34


ICH Courier Volume34 Theme : Wandering Minstrels and Songs of Blessing A community’s oral traditions in song and poetry are expressions of that community’s history and heritage. Performed during auspicious occasions and important community events, these traditions help with understanding a community’s cultural identity. In this volume of the ICH Courier,

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