Volume 41


ICH Courier Volume41 Theme : Block Printing on Textiles Block printing is a representative handicraft, one of the oldest methods in the history of pattern dyeing for mass production. The block printing patterns reflect the culture of each country, and the carving craft for making blocks is also a highly valued

Volume 40


ICH Courier Volume40 Theme : Rites of Passage, a Journey to Adulthood Throughout life, people of every culture and in every community pass over stepping stones that mark significant points in their lives. As they approach and move through these important points in life, they often go through certain rites of

Volume 39


ICH Courier Volume39 Theme : Intangible Heritage and Birthing Traditions A new life enters a community, and to celebrate and commemorate the new arrival to the community, many groups have developed rituals and ceremonies. These activities include rituals to help the mother heal from the delivery and to welcome the child

Volume 38


ICH Courier Volume38 Theme : Funeral Ceremonies and New Beginnings Regardless of culture, religion, or world view, one universality of life is death. The ways in which various cultures and communities mourn or celebrate the soul shuffling off this mortal coil could not be more different, whehter it be in the

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