Volume 45


ICH Courier Volume45 Theme : Oral Tradition of The Asia-Pacific Communities Oral tradition consists of diverse narratives. It is passed on by word of mouth as everyday wisdom and transmitted through the generations. After that, it becomes infused in a region’s history, philosophy, and way of life, thus forming the foundation

Volume 44


ICH Courier Volume44 Theme : Traditional Knowledge to Lead a Healthy Life Communities have their own traditional knowledge to lead a healthy life. This is continuously developed to reflect traditional value systems and regional and historical characteristics passed down through generations. This volume introduces traditional ways to lead a healthy life

Volume 43


ICH Courier Volume43 Theme : Mask Dance Mask dances are handed down in various forms in the world. Mask dances are closely linked to life within the community and serve various functions and purposes such as rituals, satire, prayers, shamanism, and entertainment. This volume introduces the diverse traditional mask dances in

Volume 26


ICH Courier Volume26 Theme : Experiencing Healing Rituals of the Philippines Windows to ICH provides an introduction to examples of intangible cultural heritage practice from countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region related to a chosen theme. This issue looks at healing rituals. In these examples of intangible cultural heritage from the Philippines,

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