Volume 49


ICH Courier Volume49 Theme : To Remember, to Be Remembered “Without memory, there is no culture. Without memory, there would be no civilization, no society, no future.” — Elie Wiesel. As a living heritage, intangible cultural heritage means that memories you hold and memories I hold represent shared and penetrating history.

Volume 47


ICH Courier Volume47 Theme : Maritime Rituals as Community Practices The sea has long been a part of ritualistic life across many cultures. There is a special bond between humans and the sea that we depend so much upon for our lives. Recognizing the importance of the sea and associated rituals,

Volume 46


ICH Courier Volume46 Theme : Traditional Performing Art to Greet the New Year Communities in the Asia-Pacific region greet the New Year at different times depending on region and religion. Communities celebrate a new beginning with traditional songs and dances. This volume introduces traditional performing arts to celebrate the beginning of

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