Volume 52


ICH Courier Volume52 Theme : ICH Space as a Workshop, Home for ICH There are two connected proverbs: “space makes people” and “people make space.” The same is true of ICH and ICH space as workshop. In order for ICH to reveal itself, an ICH space as a workshop is necessary;

Volume 51


ICH Courier Volume51 Theme : Twinkle Twinkle The word “jewelry” brings to mind something shiny or glamourous that makes people more beautiful. Jewelry can take the form of a pretty-looking hairband in a high-street shop, rings that a couple exchange as a symbol of their promise to each other, or an

Volume 50


ICH Courier Volume50 Theme : Animals in Stories When we were young, we were told a lot of stories. Everyone hated the big, vicious, evil, and cunning animals. However, seen through grown-up eyes, there are no bad animals in the world. Animals personified in stories convey a message to the human

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