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We welcom your articles with various perspectives on the diverse intangible cultural heritage and safeguarding activities.
All submissions should be written in English or Korean. We provide honorariums for the published articles. Below are the sections for which we are currently accepting abstracts.
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Section Descriptions and Word Counts

Descriptions about the individual sections of the ICH Courier and the required word counts for the final articles are available below.

Cover Story

The Cover Story Section presents theme-related ICH from the Asia-Pacific Region on the following topics;

  • Vol. 54 (March 2023) : ICH as Community Resilience
  • Vol. 55 (June 2023) : ICH and Education
  • Vol. 56 (September 2023) : ICH and Creative Industries
  • Vol. 57 (November 2023) : ICH and Science Technology

– Word Count: 800 to 900


The UNESCO List Section introduces UNESCO inscribed ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ elements in the Asia-Pacific region.
– Word Count: 800 to 900


The Trends Section highlights the perspectives of global experts in the field of ICH as a way for readers to garner a better understanding of the major topics in the ICH field.
– Word Count: 1,200 to 1,500

Safeguarding Activities

The Safeguarding Activities Section showcases good examples of ICH safeguarding practices.
– Word Count: 1,200 to 1,500


People Section interview the individual ICH bearers and ICH communities in the Asia-Pacific region.
– Word Count: 800 to 900


The Pioneers Section highlights the exemplary safeguarding work of an ICH-related institute.
– Word Count: 800 to 900

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