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The editorial board welcomes articles with various perspectives on the diversity of intangible heritage and safeguarding efforts.
All submissions should be in English or Korean. We provide honorarium for the completed published article. Below are the sections for which we are currently accepting abstracts.
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Section Descriptions and Word Counts

Descriptions about the individual sections of the ICH Courier and the required word counts for the final articles are available below.

Expert Remarks

Expert Remarks highlights the perspectives of global experts in the field of ICH as a way for readers to garner a better understanding of the major topics in the ICH field.
– Word Count: 1,200 to 1,500 (English)

Field Report

The Field Report section delves deeper into the field work done globally in the ICH field.
– Word Count: 1,200 to 1,500

Windows to ICH

Windows to ICH captures the insights and valuable thoughts of ICH experts from the Asia-Pacific Region for our upcoming volumes we will be focusing on the following topics;

  • Vol. 50 (March 2022) : Oral Traditions and Storytelling related to Animals
  • Vol. 51 (June 2022) : Jewelry Making
  • Vol. 52 (September 2022) : ICH Spaces as Workshop
  • Vol. 53 (November 2022) : ICH for Food Storage

– Word Count: 800 to 900

Safeguarding Activities

Safeguarding Activities showcases good examples of safeguarding practices.
– Word Count: 1,200 to 1,500

ICH Communities

ICH Communities explores the roles of individual bearers and communities in the Asia-Pacific region who are working to safeguard ICH.
– Word Count: 900 to 1,200

Safeguarding Pioneers

Safeguarding Pioneers highlights the exemplary safeguarding work of an institute.
– Word Count: 800 to 900

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