Established based on the Cultural Properties Protection Law, the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation is a corporation that specializes in traditional culture, and disseminates information on traditional Korean culture, while engaging in international joint projects to develop intangible and tangible cultural heritage worldwide.

The foundation promotes cooperative activity through its interaction with various intangible heritage safeguarding bodies from governments and public institutions to centers for intangible cultural heritage, bearers, and the public. The foundation plays a key role in using traditional culture to enhance communication and understanding across generational, class and sectoral divides.

The Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation has implemented various projects to promote and popularize traditional Korean culture including reproductions of traditional ritual ceremonies, traditional music and dance performances and exhibitions of arts and crafts, educational programs and publications, cultural tour souvenir product development, traditional Korean weddings, excavation, and investigation of cultural relics.

To expand upon the existing cultural base, the foundation also provides an opportunity to develop and use traditional cultural contents to the public in addition to arts practitioners. Through this process, the foundation is committed to continuing to develop as a future-oriented institution of cultural heritage transmission and dissemination.

The Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation applied for accreditation as a non-governmental organization and is currently waiting for accreditation approval from the General Assembly. Once accredited, non-governmental organizations have advisory functions to the Intergovernmental Committee, about nomination files for the Urgent Safeguarding List as well as requests for international assistance.