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Food Storage for Tomorrow’s Well-being

Thanks to food storage technology transmitted as a form of traditional knowledge, we can maintain healthy lives. Traditional knowledge of preserving food for a long time allows people to continue their lives even in harsh environments where food is scarce. Intangible cultural heritage as food storage technology has kept the food with the best taste. Let’s take a look at related stories of India, the Republic of Korea, Vietnam, and Kyrgyzstan together.

Expert Remarks

Intertwining Indigenous Living Heritage and Biodiversity: A Holistic Framework for Sustainable Development

Field Report

Pedagogical Processes in Teaching Philippine Games Online: Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage

Windows to ICH


Deciphering Food Preservation as a Storage Technique through Purumenth, a Goan Customary Tradition

Republic of Korea

Kimchi Refrigerators, a Journey to Find the Flavors of a Millennium


Nước Mắm (Nuoc Mam): A Savory Depth of Flavor in Vietnamese Culinary Life


Traditional Dairy Products: Kurut

Safeguarding Activities

Youth in Luang Prabang Innovate Ways to Safeguard Living Heritage for Sustainable Development

ICH Communities

The Tambats of Tambat Ali: Converting a Lifeless Material into Healthy Storage Copper Utensils

Safeguarding Pioneers

Finding Roots through the Routes